This saline tattoo ink lifting treatment is effective because it works with our bodies natural healing process. We are able to lift all colours of ink from all colours of skin on any area of the body, including the face. This treatment is very safe and relatively painless.

What A Treatment Looks Like:

Instead of pushing the ink further into your system, we are lifting it out of dermis with a micro needling technique paired with a himalayan seasalt based serum to achieve the extraction of ink from the skin. Your body's magical healing system does the rest of the work. Each removal is unique just as each tattoo is unique. We cannot make any guarantees as there are many variables that contribute to the success of the process. Some of those variables include:

- The age of the ink

- The experience of the artist who did the application

- Extensive sun exposure to the ink

- If laser has previously been done/ how many sessions

- Your commitment to post treatment care

Recommended Frequency of Treatments:


If the goal is the ultimate removal of ink, we recommend between 4-6 treatments 6 weeks apart minimum. 

If the goal is to have enough ink lifted to have a brand new tattoo application where the old tattoo used to be, we recommend between 2-6 treatments, 6 weeks apart.

Post Treatment Care:

We do 30% of the work, and you do the other 70% the second you step foot out of our doors. The success of this treatment depends on your commitment to the aftercare procedure. 

Immediately after you will notice some mild redness and mild localized swelling. It is important that the skin gets as much oxygen exposure as possible within the first 48 hours to ensure a scab forms to create its protective shield. 

The most important thing about the post-care is to keep is to keep the area DRY for as long as possible.

*No swimming, no dancing in the rain, no sweat, no hot yoga and nothing hot and steamy* 

After 7-12 days the scab will naturally fall off, accompanied by the ink leaving some new baby skin. Over the remaining 5 weeks, your body will continue to lighten and push out the ink molecules, furthering the lifting of colour. It is very important to treat your skin like a new born in the sun. Sometimes we recommend waiting longer between treatments so that your body has extra time to do this very important step. 

Some Results We've Seen:



In comparison to laser, saline ink lifting is relatively painless. During the treatment we use a topical numbing agent that prevents any extreme discomfort. Once the treatment is over and the numbing cream wears off, it feels comparable to having a light scrape on the surface of your skin. 


Initially, non-laser ($350 p/t) is a bigger investment than laser ($80-$180 p/t). When the factor of frequency of return visits are ruled in, it ends up being very similar in cost (6-12 for laser and about 4-8 for non-laser). 

Post Treatment 

As opposed to the blisters occasionally experienced post laser, you leave with nothing more than a light scrape on the surface of your skin. The scab lasts between 7 and 12 days before naturally falling off with the ink. Both treatments require a minimum of 6 weeks between each session and serious sun protection. 



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