Inner Garden Health combines nutritional awareness in conjunction with colon cleansing by customizing therapies that match an individual’s lifestyle. 


Session includes evaluation and recommendations to optimize your health and well-being using a holistic approach

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Cleansing and Colon Therapy

Inner Garden Health combines nutritional awareness in conjunction with colon cleansing by customizing therapies that match an individual’s lifestyle.  Our unique programs are inspired by our work with Dr. Mercola, Ann Wigmore and David Wolfe, who promote preventative and sustainable health and well-being.  According to Ann Wigmore, who created the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, California, the body naturally heals itself when you optimize nutrition with live foods.


After attending the Optimum Health Institute and healing an auto-immune disease, Sue was inspired to become a Colon Hydro Therapist.  Both Sue and her husband originally began their business by growing wheatgrass and microgreens, while educating others about the benefits of live food. As time passed, the business evolved and grew into what it has become today.

Inner Garden Health and Colon Therapy was established in 2003 by Sue Wilde, after a personal healing crisis motivated her to discover new ways to cleanse and heal the body on a deeper level.  We have created several Colon Cleansing programs at Inner Garden.  Such as Colon Hydrotherapy, Dr. Gerson’s organic green coffee, a Juice Cleanse and more.


Sue Wilde, with over 15 years of experience as a Colon Hydro Therapist, joined forces with Susan Kinross, a certified Advanced Colon Hydro Therapist since 2006. Together they share 27 years of healing experience for your benefit. All practitioners at Inner Garden are certified by the NBCHT (National Board for Colon Hydro Therapy) and are members of I-ACT (International Association of Colon Therapists).


Colon Hydrotherapy sessions can be used to reinvigorate the bowel to function normally and to bring balance to the Immune System. After the Colonic you may experience renewed energy, mental clarity and a strong sense of well being.


Our certified Colon Therapists are members of the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. They will support you in cleansing and restoring harmony to the entire digestive system. Dietary consultation and natural products are reviewed.


Colon dysfunction shows up in our bodies as constipation, diarrhea, foul smelling stools, gas, bloating or tenderness in the abdomen. A “normal” stool color is golden brown and does not smell offensive. It should be well formed and not be dry or pasty. A variety of illnesses can be triggered by a toxic colon, and may be relieved with colon hydrotherapy and improved digestive health:

  • Allergies and asthma

  • Skin conditions: acne, eczema, psoriasis

  • Cognitive dysfunction, memory lapses, “brain fog”

  • Irritability, headaches, depression, worry

  • Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Constipation / Diarrhea

  • Arthritis / Joint aches

  • High or Low Blood Pressure

  • Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, M.S.

  • Backaches / Abdominal discomfort

  • Body odor, bad breath

  • Weight problems, poor appetite, nausea

  • Acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion

  • Prostate health

  • Premenstrual difficulties




  • single session

  • consultation

  • 1 hour colonic session

  • implant of electrolytes

  • organic chlorophyl



  • 3 sessions

  • consultation

  • 3 x1 hour colonic sessions

  • implant of electrolytes

  • organic chlorophyl



  • 6 sessions

  • consultation

  • 6 x1 hour colonic sessions

  • implant of electrolytes

  • organic chlorophyl


$20 EACH 

  • rectal probiotics

  • Gerson's Coffee (pre-order)

  • Greener Grasses by Health Force 

  • Chlorella

  • PEMF mat session


  • Drink half your body weight ( in ounces) in purified water per day.

  • Take 1 tablespoon of chia seeds daily or 2 Tablespoons Of fresh ground Flax Seeds 2 times daily

  • Eliminate coffee, alcohol, sugar, dairy, white bread, and fried foods

  • Focus more on fresh fruits and vegetables, wheatgrass juice, whole grains, (brown rice, millet, quinoa), soaked nuts, sprouts, cold pressed oils and organic plain kefir.

  • Organic chicken, organic eggs and wild fish for non vegetarian


  • Drink liquids such as fresh juices, wheat grass juice, herbal teas, puree soups.

  • If you need to eat something, eat mainly raw fruits and vegetables. (remember to chew your veggies well )

  • Drink plenty of purified water.

  • Get extra rest


  • Avoid drinking water 1-2 hours before the session so the bladder is empty.

  • Eat lightly.

  • 5-6 sessions are recommended to fully clear the colon.



What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

A gentle internal bath that helps deep cleanse the colon of toxins, Colon Hydro Therapy encourages the entire body to detoxify and return to a more normal, healthy state of well-being.


What Will A Session Be Like?

Care and consideration is taken for comfort and privacy at all times. A small hygienic and disposable tube (called a speculum) is placed only about 2 inches into the rectum. The waste hose and the purified water tube are then connected. Clients lay comfortably on their backs for most of the session, and water gently flows in and out at a pace they control. The therapist monitors and operates the equipment, supporting the client throughout the session. Gas and waste flow through the evacuation hose directly into the sewer system so there is no odour or mess.

How Long Will It Take, What Can I Expect?

Allow an extra ½ hour for your first session as it includes a health questionnaire and consultation. Each treatment takes about an hour and includes a series of gentle cleansing water fills and releases, along with abdominal massage and deep breathing suggestions.

Will It Be Painful Or Embarrasing?

No. At the most, some people may feel a slight cramping as the colon contracts with the gentle flow of purified water. Most people can feel the speculum, but it is not painful. Clients have the choice of being fully clothed on the top, and either wearing a gown or a pair of flannel pyjama bottoms, and are draped with a towel for modesty. The room is kept warm to ensure your comfort, and the procedure is descreet and respectul.

How Many Sessions Should I Have?

The number of sessions can vary from person to person, depending on your goals and state of health, level of toxicity, etc. Usually 3-10 colonic sessions in conjuction with suppliments and dietary protocol will completely clear the colon. Based on your initial consultation and your first session, we can offer suggestions that will support you to make the optimum choice. One session will not completely empty the colon, as it takes time to rehydrate and soften any dried and layered fecal matter (mucoid plaque) until it is loosened enough to be released.

Can a Person Become Dependent On Colonics?

No. Colon hydrotherapy strenghtens the muscle tone of the colon by giving it a workout as the colon contracts and pushes the water out. The better your peristalsis (muscle contraction) the better the elimination, and the healthier the body.



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